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Exclusive Services

AlphaCare Health Solutions works hard to provide high quality care in every way possible. We progress every day in order to progress others who are in need. We do this by offering the following services to other health care companies and patients so that we ensure every patient is taken care of and nobody is left behind!

Joint Replacement - Home Health

Here we have specialists who, daily, help and assist patients overcome the obstacles faced after getting a joint replacement in order to ensure the best outcome to get you back to doing the activities you love.


Physical Therapy - Home Health & Outpatient

Our Physical Therapist are not only trained in orthopedics, but also go out of their way to know how each surgeon wants their protocol followed to tailor therapy treatment and outcome.


Medical Staffing

Our team are trained health professionals that are licensed and educated to deliver the assistance wherever help is needed including home health agencies, outpatient clinics, hospitals and more. If you are having trouble with finding temporary PRN work or part time staff then give us a call and we will find you the best fit for the job.


Occupational Therapy - Home Health

Our Occupational Therapist are well-trained professionals who provide that include, but not limited to, fine motor skills (writing, grip strength, cooking etc.), transfer training, shoulder rehab, cervical rehab, bathroom negotiating and more.

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